Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Tag: funny

util June 8th, 2010

D’oh: django/contrib/admin/util.py django/contrib/admindocs/utils.py django/contrib/comments/views/utils.py django/contrib/formtools/utils.py django/contrib/gis/db/backends/util.py django/contrib/gis/tests/utils.py django/contrib/localflavor/it/util.py django/contrib/localflavor/se/utils.py django/contrib/localflavor/uy/util.py django/contrib/messages/utils.py django/core/files/utils.py django/core/mail/utils.py django/db/backends/util.py django/db/utils.py django/forms/util.py django/http/utils.py django/test/utils.py tests/regressiontests/forms/util.py

WWBD February 17th, 2006

What Would Bill Do? Bill would increase debt by $851 billion Bill would require universities to disclose deals between professors, businesses Bill would let immigrant students pay in-state tuition Bill would make students wash hands before lunch Bill would halt death penalty for two years Bill would punish profiteering after events like Sept. 11 attacks Bill would aid wild Kansas Bill would throw book at parents of shoplifters Bill would sink utilities’ ‘golden parachutes’ Bill would put bite on eco-terrorists Bill would name VA center for Dole Bill would nullify vaccine lawsuits Bill would allow students to self-administer some medications at school Bill would end tax breaks for non-Missourians Bill would scale back required lobbyist reporting Bill would bar bad reviews of nursing homes from court Bill would create KU-WSU men’s basketball series Bill would make sub-Cabinet meetings public Bill would allow KU workers to leave civil service Bill would establish cemetery oversight, limit predatory fees Bill would make selling imported Canadian drugs illegal Bill would make racial profiling illegal Bill would clarify mental retardation in capital cases Bill would make officials blind to unsightly cell phone towers Bill would continue state vanpool Bill would snap Kansas out of ban on hypnotism Bill would require safety system on ATMs in Kansas Bill would ban cell phones for novice drivers in Colo.…

Private Dancer? September 9th, 2005

As I was going over some notes on our internal wiki, I ran across a list of rejected names for the framework that become Django: brazos superglue bodhisattva webbing boidae bohdi skoro consolidata piston physique silhouette valance anson The Python Web Framework (PWF) Tornado Publishing System Web Type Framework Pypeline super magic machine magic machine private dancer “the CMS” The Give-a-Damn machine boltdozer banister garbonzo Simon fizgig palmy cogent pith pithy pyth pythy festoon poeks lavalier clerisy bandwidth django