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📌 Giving Gendered Communication Feedback #
📌 Gender (Go nuts). Somebody did. | MetaTalk

MeFi has a free-text “gender” box, but you can still pretty reliably use it to crunch data. #

📌 /dev/feminist - Educational Resources: Gender

@JMan240 @zacaj_ ok, have some more research: . It’s not a one-off finding, it’s been shown repeatedly. #

📌 Douglas Hofstadter - Person Paper on Purity in Language #
📌 Debra Meyerson: How Companies Can Increase Safety and Boost Gender Equity | Stanford Graduate School of Business

RT @SashaLaundy: Fascinating approach to changing group culture: How Companies Can Increase Safety & Boost Gender Equity #

📌 Research » Anita Borg Institute

A ton of good research into gender diversity in tech. I need to read through this. #

📌 FLOSSPOLS Gender Integrated Report of Findings [pdf]

A bunch of research into gender in FLOSS, including the oft-cited 1.5% figure. #

📌 leftover words: talking about sex (safely)

“[W]e need to move away from the idea that taking care how we discuss certain issues is necessarily censorship. We always choose which topics we’ll discuss, and how.... Including some topics excludes certain people, always.” #

📌 Catherine: pyOraGeek: right to complaint

“The key is the right to complain safely. When complaints are predictably met with accusations of ”overreacting“, ”political correctness“, and ”intolerance“, the resulting message is: Be like us, be silent, or leave.” #