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📌 GiantBomb API

Andy’s spent the last month or so working on APIs for all our sites. GiantBomb’s API launched today; the other sites will follow shortly. There’s a crap ton of data here; I’m looking forward to seeing what gets built on top of it. #

📌 Video game lists - giantbomb.com

Perhaps my favorite feature of Vines (the software behind GiantBomb) are the user lists. I love seeing the different uses that people make of ’em: right now I’m seeing a bunch of “favorites” and “wishlists”, but also “best music”, “best movie tie-ins”, et #

📌 Hamburger (video game object) - giantbomb.com

“A hamburger is, traditionally, a hunk of ground beef served between two pieces of bun-configured bread.” #

📌 Giant Bomb » How To Build A Bomb: Episode 7

“We think this clip pretty much speaks for itself.” #