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📝 📣 Now on Google Cloud Run

📌 Tiller

Like Mint &c, but syncs financial data to Google Sheets instead of a web app. I’m a huge fan of Sheets: it’s a far more powerful product than you’d think, with strong scripting support and a pretty easy API. Using it for my own financial analysis seems perfect, looking forward to giving this a try. #

📌 Google Online Security Blog: The foundation of a more secure web #
📌 Google Trust Services #
📌 Google Cloud Platform Blog: 7 ways we harden our KVM hypervisor at Google Cloud: Security in plaintext #
📌 Google Infrastructure Security Design Overview  |  Google Infrastructure Security Design Overview  |  Google Cloud Platform #
📌 santa/README.md at master · google/santa

“Santa is a binary whitelisting/blacklisting system for macOS.” #

📌 Google Cloud Status Dashboard #
📌 re:Work - The five keys to a successful Google team #
📌 Gmvault: gmail backup

Looking forward to replacing my hacky set of one-off backups scripts with this! #

📌 On Pseudonymity, Privacy and Responsibility on Google+ - TechnoSocial

As far as I’m concerned this is the definitive guide to the nymwars. #

📌 “Real Names” Policies Are an Abuse of Power

Required reading (as usual) from danah boyd on the foolishness and myopathy of G+’s “real name” policy. #

📌 isolani - Javascript: Breaking the Web with hash-bangs #
📌 Web Application Exploits and Defenses

This should be required reading for web developers. Kudos to Google for putting this out. #

📌 Cartographer.js – thematic mapping for Google Maps

Heat maps, point clustering, etc. Built on top of Raphael. #

📌 Official Google Data APIs Blog: Import Scans or Go Multilingual

Holy crap—OCR via an API. I’ve been waiting a long time for an API like this! #

📌 It's hard to like Android. - jerakeen.org

“[Android is] Linux vs Windows/MacOS, all over again. You gain Freedom by using an open platform, making life worse for yourself in a thousand tiny ways, any one of which can easily be dismissed, so they are. But it’s still worse.” Unfortunately, this perfectly mirrors my experiences with Android, too. I’m trying really hard to like my G1, but all it does is make me realize how much better my iPhone is. #

📌 Official Google Mac Blog: Search Without Effort: The Quick Search Box

This is what the creator of QuickSilver has been working on at Google. Pretty rudimentary right now, but I’m excited to see where it goes. #

📌 Google's Android mobile platform ported to BeagleBoard

The BeagleBoard (a $150 3" square ARM board) runs Android. Hot. #

📌 Joe Gregorio | BitWorking | Google App Engine #
📌 Google Visualization API - Google Code

Google’s visualization API — previously only available as widgets in a Google Spreadsheet — gets released for general use today. See also the Python library. #

📌 DjangoGoogleSearch – ⓤ Unicoders – Trac

Integrate Google’s Business Search with Django. #

📌 Google Chrome, Google's Browser Project

I suspect that many years from now we’ll refer to late 2008 as the start of “Browser Wars II”. That said, this looks pretty fucking sweet. #

📌 Protocol buffers: the early reviews are in [dive into mark]

Absolutely perfect roundup of the reaction to protocol buffers. #

📌 AJAX Libraries API - Google Code

Load popular JavaScript libraries off Google’s servers—this’ll make caching and speed issues irrelevant. Still, I’m not sure exactly how I feel about ’google.load(“jquery”)’ -- seems brittle. #

📌 Official Google Docs Blog: Stop sharing spreadsheets, start collecting information

New in Google Spreadsheets: publish a web form which submits data into your spreadsheet. This is completely brilliant. I can see this being incredibly useful. Yet another reason never to use Excel again. #

📌 Google apps for your newsroom at Matt Croydon::Postneo

Matt points out an important trend here at the J-W. Google really is making working with data online much easier, and we’re taking full advantage. #

📌 Google Spreadsheet: Functions for external data

“=importXML(”www.google.com“, ”//a/@href“)” -- wow. #

📌 Google Docs Help Center - How can I use spreadsheets to answer some of my many questions about the world?

This, truly, is a frequently asked question. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished that my spreadsheet could tell me Roger Clemens’ ERA. (Seriously, for a moment: this is amazingly cool.) #

📌 Jaiku | most of jaiku's stuff is written in python using twisted, and devku is running django

Apparently Jaiku is using Django internally, which means Google’s now using Django in yet another place. #