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πŸ“Œ SNAP - Strava Needs A Polish

Worked great to correct a GPS fart from my mendo 50k. #

πŸ“Œ Introduction | Adafruit Ultimate GPS on the Raspberry Pi | Adafruit Learning System #
πŸ“Œ Why GPSes suck, and what to do about it

I’d never realized just what a cesspool GPS devices are. It’s astoundingly bad at literally every level. #

πŸ“Œ cGPSmapper - Your Tool For Creating Maps

Download custom maps to Garmin GPS devices. Dunno if this’ll work with my older Garmin, but if it does that’d be sweet. #

πŸ“Œ Open GPS Tracker

β€œThe Open GPS Tracker is a small device which plugs into a $20 prepaid mobile phone to make a GPS tracker. The Tracker responds to text message commands, detects motion, and sends you its exact position...” Awesome. #

πŸ“Œ FAA - Airport Data (5010) & Contact Information

Download airport data in XSL format. #

πŸ“Œ SparkFun Electronics - Field-hadened GPS tracker

SparkFun brings the sexy. #

πŸ“Œ Home - Garmin Developer

Garmin’s new developer website. APIs, device communication toolkits, services... must investigate further... #

πŸ“Œ PyGarmin - A Python Interface to Garmin GPS Equipment #
πŸ“Œ geo-* - Linux tools for geocaching #
πŸ“Œ G p s P a s S i o n

Great roundup of GPS units #

πŸ“Œ DeLorme | Blue Logger GPS Receiver #