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📌 etckeeper

“etckeeper is a collection of tools to let /etc be stored in a git, mercurial, or bzr repository.” Neat. #

📌 ForestExtension - Mercurial

Looks like this might be a satisfactory replacement for svn:externals. #

📌 Index of /mercurial/ref/v1.0

A couple of quite nice Mercurial quick-reference cards. #

📌 mikas blog » Blog Archive » Maintain /etc with mercurial on Debian

I’ve done this with svn in the past, but it’s a major pain (svn’s lack addremove means you’ve got to do it by hand). This looks like a *much* better way. #

📌 hgbook: Collaboration models

A good writeup of different patterns of using distributed VCS. I’m especially interested in the description of the Linux workflow; the fact that it works so well is almost completly counterintuitive. #