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📌 TeamSIK – Password-Manager Apps

A bunch of vulnerabilities in password apps. for linkspam—call out themes: quick fixes (some teams), mobile browsers, others? #

📌 Google Infrastructure Security Design Overview  |  Google Infrastructure Security Design Overview  |  Google Cloud Platform #
📌 paperplanes. The Virtues of Monitoring

Monitoring, like testing, is something you can never have too much of. #

📌 Wikipedia: Site internals, configuration, code examples and management issues (PDF)

Loads of information about the tech behind Wikipedia. I’ve become convinced that the only sane way to design scalable systems is by studying the trials and tribulations of others. #

📌 PyCon Wireless Network

Sean’s write-up of how he pulled off the wireless networking at PyCon this year. This should be required reading for anyone holding a geek conference; PyCon’s network coverage was *far* better than any other conference I’ve ever been at. #

📌 Joyeur: The 10% "rule" for infrastructure costs

If he’s right, I think we’re spending far to little on Ellington. #