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📌 60 Cybersecurity Interview Questions [2019 Update] | Daniel Miessler

Some really good interview questions here! A few tend a bit too far towards trivia for my taste, but most of them are really great. #

📌 Startups: Recruiting for Compliance – Kat Valentine – Medium #
📌 Onsite Interview Loop Template | Lara Hogan

This would be a good improvement to the hiring process/workflow I worked out at 18F. #

📌 The Best Interview Questions We've Ever Published | First Round Review

There’s some stuff I disagree with here, but in general lots of good questions. #

📌 how can we screen out micromanagers when hiring a new manager for our team? http://www.askamanager.org/2017/02/how-can-we-screen-out-micromanagers-when-hiring-a-new-manager-for-our-team.html

Great questions for interviewing managers. #

📌 The Naive Approach to Hiring People

A pretty radical proposal reguarding hiring practices, but one that makes a *lot* of sense. #

📌 Martin C. Martin » How to Interview A Manager

Some good questions to ask when interviewing people who’ll manage developers. #

📌 Bruce Schneier Blazes Through Your Questions - Freakonomics - Opinion - New York Times Blog

Required reading this AM. #

📌 Pitchfork Feature: Interview: Neko Case

I think I have a major crush on Neko Case: ’When I hear auto tune on somebody’s voice, I don’t take them seriously. Or you hear somebody like Alicia Keys, who I know is pretty good, and you’ll hear a little bit of auto tune and you’re like, "You’re too fu #

📌 Zed on Ruby, Rails, Mongrel, and More - O'Reilly Ruby

Contains the best definition of “Enterprise Ready” I’ve ever read. #