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📌 The Strange Zen Of JavaScript: Function reference vs. function call

I sometimes think the difference between a good and a bad programmer is an understanding of first-class functions. #

📌 AJAX Libraries API - Google Code

Load popular JavaScript libraries off Google’s servers—this’ll make caching and speed issues irrelevant. Still, I’m not sure exactly how I feel about ’google.load(“jquery”)’ -- seems brittle. #

📌 about:cmlenz - CouchDB "Joins"

Mah head asplode. #

📌 Mark Finkle’s Weblog » Hello JS-CTYPES, Goodbye Binary Components

This is a pretty big deal: I’ve been using ctypes in Python for quite some time, and I can attest to how much better it is than writting C/C++ wrappers. XPCOM in particular is a total PITA, so js-ctypes should mean a bunch of new, awesome Mozilla plugins. #

📌 Julien Lecomte’s Blog » YUI-based Image Cropper Widget

It’s certainly been done before, but this particular implementation is the best I’ve seen. Clean, slick, and looks great. #

📌 JoeHewitt.com: Introducing iUI

Joe Hewitt’s JavaScript/CSS utilities for nice iPhone apps. #

📌 Django JSON serializer reader - Ext JS Forums

YUI-Ext tool for reading Django-serialized JSON data. #

📌 Efficient JavaScript

Great hints—saved my butt getting the javascript for the djangobook site working faster. #

📌 JSMIN, The JavaScript Minifier

Standalone JS source minimizer #

📌 SIMILE | Timeline

“...like Google Maps for time-based information.” Holy crap this is cool. #

📌 CrossDomainPackageLoading - JotSpot Wiki (dojo)

How to use Dojo from a different domain #

📌 DHTML Spell Checker Demo

A really nice (fast, clean) check-spelling-as-you-type JavaScript widget. #

📌 Dynamic Drive-YUI (Yahoo User Interface) Color Picker

Color-picker widgeet based on Yahoo’s UI library. The code’s kinda crappy, actually, but the idea is pretty good. #

📌 Mozilla Update :: Extensions -- More Info:FireBug - All Releases

FireBug is a new tool that aids with debugging Javascript, DHTML, and Ajax. It is like a combination of the Javascript Console, DOM Inspector, and a command line Javascript interpreter. #

📌 from __future__ import * » simple_json 1.0

MIT licenses JSON encoder/decoder in Python. Besides the better license, the code is much clearer than json-py #

📌 moo.fx : simple & small (3kb) javascript effects library #
📌 StickBlog » Blog Archive » Upload multiple files with a single file element #
📌 The window.onload Problem - Solved!

This, as Simon says, is huge. #

📌 Pan & Scan #
📌 Google Suggest

No one noticed, but Google now puts out some of the best Javascript on the web. I have *got* to figure out how this works! #

📌 Bookmarklet Builder #
📌 Filterlicious #
📌 Cross-Browser Rich Text Editor #