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📌 MacBook Pro unresponsive keyboard & trackpad solution — Jason Robb

Totally ghetto, but my MBP is back to life! Albeit with a business card shoved in the battery case, but... alive nonetheless. Just hope it lasts long enough to get me back to the states for repair. #

📌 Adeona: A Free, Open Source System for Helping Track and Recover Lost and Stolen Laptops

The first (that I know of) open source, non-centralized laptop tracker. Gotta give this a shot. #

📌 One Laptop Per Child -- XO Giving

OLPC announces a “Give 1 Get 1” program. That’s awesome: I’ve been hearing rumors of such a program for over a year; good to see it become official. #

📌 OLPC BTest-2 XO beta machine sequel arrives - Engadget

Featuring a picture from PyCon by yours truly. Now if I could just get Engadget to respect the attribution clause of the photo’s license... #

📌 How Linux suspend and resume works in the ACPI age #