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📌 Altus Metrum

Open source hardware and software stuff designed for high-powered amateur rocketry. So cool I can’t even take it. Plus: “opensource+rocketry” is the best tag intersection ever. #

📌 The Life and Thoughts of Zach - Insane Geek Auction

Last night’s LCA charity auction was the just fantastic on every level: “Only a room full of geeks would: Form a coalition to win an auction rather than just letting an individual win and then privately donating. Value a celebrity hacker having his precious beard shaved off more than physical ownership of a beautiful work of museum quality art. Engage in one-ups-manship of adding seemingly valueless pledges to the prize pool. Figure out how to collectively come up with well over $28,500 (factor in the Euros and it’s over $35,000) for a charity they’d just discovered in under an hour.” #

📌 Linux.conf.au: First timers Guide #