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📌 Angry-Fly.com: Getting MySQL Preference Pane To Work In Leopard #
📌 macosxhints.com - 10.5: Get rid of the translucent menu bar

Yay! #

📌 Mac Forums - View Single Post - No Airdisk (Airport) Time Machine Backups!

Gotta try this when I get home. #

📌 http://svn.red-bean.com/pyobjc/branches/pyobjc2/pyobjc-core/NEWS.txt

All (and there’s lots of it) the new stuff in PyObjC 2 (i.e. the version in Leopard). Really, really nice stuff here. #

📌 OS X Automation » Blog Archives » IPython tab completion fix on Leopard

Good thing someone figured this out -- without ipython I don’t know how I’d get any work done! #

📌 Matt Legend Gemmell » Blog Archive » Get rid of your code with Leopard

An overview of what’s new in Leopard for developers. The killer feature of Leopard is really going to be what it lets indie developers do; I can’t wait to see what Panic, Flying Meat, et al. can do with this stuff. #