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📌 Matt Legend Gemmell – MGTemplateEngine - Templates with Cocoa

A Django-ish template language for Cocoa. #

📌 Global is the new private

Comparison of JavaScript frameworks (and some library stuff like GMaps) showing the globals and monkeypatches each framework has. Don’t miss the “collision matrix” which shows, at a glance, which frameworks will compete with which others. #

📌 Switching from scripting languages to Objective C and iPhone: useful libraries :: Hackdiary

I’ve come across some of these myself, but others (GTMHTTPFetcher!) are news to me. #

📌 AJAX Libraries API - Google Code

Load popular JavaScript libraries off Google’s servers—this’ll make caching and speed issues irrelevant. Still, I’m not sure exactly how I feel about ’google.load(“jquery”)’ -- seems brittle. #

📌 ChipLog » Blog Archive » Django Development with Djblets

The Review Board team have extracted some of the utilities they wrote into an external library. Neat code; unfortunate name. #