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📌 kennethreitz/envoy - GitHub

Kennethreitz strikes again. Envoy does for subprocess what requests does for urllib—woot. #

📌 Wikipedia:Blank maps - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A bunch of free (well, GFDL-licensed) maps, many in SVG formats. #

📌 iCalendar package for Python

Another iCalendar library. This one has perhaps the best API of all the ones I’ve used and seems to work with all the iCal feeds I’ve thrown at it. #

📌 prefuse | interactive information visualization toolkit

Nifty looking dataviz toolkit. Some overlap with Processing, it seems, but there’s also a bunch of graph/node stuff in Prefuse that looks neat. It’s Java, unfortunatly, but maybe that’ll be a good excuse to try out the recent advances in Jython. #

📌 RubyForge: Starling: Project Info

Hells yeah! I heard about this a while back, and have been hoping it would get open-sourced. Fantastic. #

📌 PyRTF - Rich Text Format (RTF) Document Generation in Python

RTF generator written in Python. Looks like a docutils writer based on PyRTF should be pretty trivial, and that might make a better reST -> Word workflow than my current reST -> ODF -> OO.org -> Word nonsense. #

📌 PyCha - Trac

Python charting package. Yes, it’s YA, but this one uses Cairo and looks *nice*. #

📌 PyMedia - Python module for avi, mp3, dvd, wma, ogg processing - pymedia #
📌 parsedatetime project

From the Chandler project, a Python module to parse “natural” datetime constructs (i.e. “tomorrow”, “next monday”, and even “two weeks from last thursday at noon”). The API is shitty and Java-esque, but the functionality is great. #

📌 Mark Finkle’s Weblog » Hello JS-CTYPES, Goodbye Binary Components

This is a pretty big deal: I’ve been using ctypes in Python for quite some time, and I can attest to how much better it is than writting C/C++ wrappers. XPCOM in particular is a total PITA, so js-ctypes should mean a bunch of new, awesome Mozilla plugins. #

📌 py-bcrypt - strong password hashing for Python

We should support bcrypt in Django if this module is installed. #

📌 Ned Batchelder: hyphenate

Frank Liang’s hypenation algorithm (i.e. the good one that TeX uses) in Python. #

📌 Python Cheese Shop : processing 0.21

“Package for using processes which mimics the threading module, and allows the sharing of objects between processes.” #

📌 Welcome to pyglet

“Pyglet is a cross-platform gaming / multimedia library written in pure Python.” Built on OpenGL. #

📌 Connectors for the NdbApi in Launchpad

Low-level database connectors for MySQL. Essentially you get to use a relational database without SQL. Could be very interesting when combined with an ORM. #

📌 VObject Home

Matt says this is a better iCal library than the other two I just bookmarked... #

📌 Python Cheese Shop : calcore 2.1.0

“CalCore is an advanced, flexible calendaring component for Python. It allows the Python developer do write advanced calendaring applications either using their own event storage or integrating with external calendar servers.” #

📌 Python Cheese Shop : itools 0.14.3

A bunch of format tools; itools.csv, itools.ical, ... #

📌 Adobe Open Source: Overview

Hell freezes over #

📌 moo.fx : simple & small (3kb) javascript effects library #