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📌 Earth Class Mail

Basically an online P.O. box; they’ll scan & shred mail sent to a snail mail address. Kinda expensive, but sounds awesome. #

📌 OpenSignals: Videos: DEVONthink Pro Office 1.5 for the Mac

Some videos of a ScanSnap/DEVONthink workflow. Dunno if I want to shell out for DEVONthink, but this looks pretty sweet. #

📌 Palimpsest: the guide to a (mostly) paperless life | 43 Folders

I just got a ScanSnap (woo!) and now I need to figure out the best way to use it. This might fit my needs, but more likely I’ll end up writing some Django app to manage all the documents. #

📌 My Bad Habits: Good Conferencing Habits: Or, How I Learned to Have Fun and Still Get Some Sleep

Conferences are a game, too; some good tips to doing well. I especially like the “accept the first dinner invitation” rule. #

📌 Mike Davidson: A Low-Fi Solution to E-Mail Overload: Sentenc.es

Really, really tempting. #

📌 Onlife

“...observes your every interaction with app ... then creates a personal shoebox of all the web pages you visit, emails you read, documents you write and much more.” #

📌 URBAN SONAR | how it works

“Personal space detection for urban environments” #

📌 ONLamp.com: Keeping Your Life in Subversion

I’d love to get something like this worked out -- but how would it handle the fact that I work on different OSes? #