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📌 [PDF] ABS and CDOs: Record Performance Continues

A JP Morgan prospectus from December 2004 covering CDOs. This actually explains pretty well why these investments were so hot: BBB-class CDOs were paying out at 3% above LIBOR (about 8% total). That’s an amazing return on something rated so well. I’d have bought, too. #

📌 The Adoption-Led Market [on Simon Phipps, SunMink]

Fantastically good thinking about how Open Source leads to a different — I’d say better — kind of software market. #

📌 Call Me Fishmeal.: iPhone & iPod: contain or disengage?

Wil articulates what every long-time Mac-head is feeling these days. I’m very afraid for the future of Apple—more than I’ve been at any other point. #