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📌 Footnotes done well #
📌 5 Days of OSCON – Day 1 « Envy Labs

Gregg Pollack asked speakers at OSCON to summarize their talks in 30 seconds and cut them together into an awesome roundup of what OSCON’s all about. I’m in this one, but it’s still good. #

📌 Django support Services offered by Revolution Systems, LLC.

My new gig: professional support for Django applications and sites. #

📌 CNET's Shelby Bonnie Returns to Online Media - ClickZ

Another good article about us -- they even mention me :) #

📌 FLOSS Weekly 34: Django

Randel Schwartz interviewed me about Django at OSCON. I think it went pretty well; listen and judge for yourself. #

📌 howiworkdaily - Callcast - Jacob Kaplan-Moss and DjangoCon 2008

Kevin pinned me down and got me to share some details about DjangoCon 2008. #

📌 Osprey Atmos 65 reviews and information - Trailspace.com

The pack I ultimately decided on. By far the most comfortable pack I tried on in the store. I’ll be wearing it for three days this weekend, so we’ll see how it feels at the end! #

📌 DOPPLR: Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Dopplr’s new public profiles are *super* purty. Here’s mine. #

📌 Whiskey Media » makers of fine websites

My new gig has a minimal web presence. Shelby’s introduction does a great job explaining what we’re trying to do... let’s see what happens! #

📌 An Interview with Jacob Kaplan-Moss - Creator of Django — The 42 Topics Blog

Shabda’s been interviewing all the core Django devs; this week it was my turn. #

📌 korg.com: EXB-MOSS

“When the MOSS tone generator is installed, 128 MOSS programs are added.” #

📌 Amazon.com: Personal CS Degree wishlist #
📌 What books should be on my "personal CS degree" reading list? | Ask MetaFilter #