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📌 Muuttaa is a self-regulating SQL queue - Google Code

Written by Joe Stump at Digg, Muuttaa is “a partitioned, persistent, self-regulating SQL queue that allows you to queue up alterations to your DB(s).” Basically it’s a utility to abstract backfilling and do it in a way that won’t bring your db down. Nifty. #

📌 pgmigrate - Google Code

Another database migration tool. This one’s not Django-specific (though it will work with Django), but it is PostgreSQL specific. I’m really quite happy with the competition in this space right now; it’ll force any eventually Django built-in migration to #

📌 XML.com: Moving to OpenOffice: Batch Converting Legacy Documents

How to script conversion of documents through OpenOffice (and a big wad of duct tape). Works with NeoOffice, too! #