Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Tag: money

Paying More for Media June 11th, 2024

A new principle I’m trying to follow: we should be paying more for independent media. How I got there, and a list of the media I’m paying for.

Paying people to work on open source is good actually February 16th, 2024

If you have a problem with maintainers getting paid then you have a problem with me and I suggest you let that one marinate.

Philanthropy Update January 10th, 2024

Lessons learned and updates from a couple of years of executing on my philanthropic plan: finding and tracking organizations, continuing to wrestle with anonymity, and a list of donations we’ve made.

Giving It All Away: My Philanthropic Plan May 15th, 2023

A major personal accomplishment in 2022 – something I’m proud of – was creating a philanthropic framework. My wife and I intend to use this framework to guide our charitable giving for the rest of our lives, with the explicit goal of giving away almost all of our wealth in our lifetimes. Here’s some backstory, and all the details of our plan and the framework that guides our giving.