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📌 Simon Willison: Announcing dmigrations

The schema evolution in Django space is really heating up. With luck we can keep the competition friendly, and pull out a best-of-breed solution to roll back into Django. #

📌 Defying Classification: Queryset Implementation

Malcolm explains some of the problems (and solutions) he’s working on in the qs-rf branch. Really great stuff -- Django’s incredibly lucky to have him! #

📌 tranquil - Google Code

Beautifully simple Django/SQLAlchemy integration layer that automatically maps Django models into SQLAlchemy ORM objects. In theory a similar approch would allow SQLAlchemy objects to be exposed as Django models; that would kick ass. #

📌 The Hand of FuManChu - Storm, SQLAlchemy, and Geniusql

Not sure about the quality of the benchmarks, but I’d nevertheless still like to see how Django stacks up here. Not very well I’d imagine, but Django’s always been an 80% ORM anyway, so 80% of the performance would be just *fine* with me. #

📌 techspot.zzzeek.org » Blog Archive » Polymorphic Associations with SQLAlchemy

A good explanation of the underlying SQL behind polymorphic associations. This is how Django does so-called “generic relations” (through a centralized content-types table instead of the address_associations table here). #