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📌 TeamSIK – Password-Manager Apps

A bunch of vulnerabilities in password apps. for linkspam—call out themes: quick fixes (some teams), mobile browsers, others? #

📌 TapLink | Restoring Trust in Passwords

A novel approach to password storage and hashing #

📌 Is Apple's Cloud Key Vault a crypto backdoor? http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/AFewThoughtsOnCryptographicEngineering/~3/W2Aw4IeQYSk/is-apples-cloud-key-vault-crypto.html #
📌 Brett Cannon: (Attempting) practical password management

Brett writes about different password strategies, and his choices for him and his families. I agree completely with his analysis, and have made almost identical choices for myself and my family. #

📌 A Tale of Security Gone Wrong

A good “think like a security engineer” exercise would be to stop after the intro and try to figure out *why* storing entropy is a good idea. #

📌 The Security of Modern Password Expiration: An Algorithmic Framework and Empirical Analysis

tl;dr: password rotation is bad. #

📌 Andrew's Blog - Password Cracking on Amazon EC2 #
📌 Password Manager + AutoFill for Mac OS X

I think I’ve found a nearly perfect password manager. #