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📌 - Thisisgoingtobebig.com - Paul Graham and The World Out There

“My own track record as a VC across First Round Capital and Brooklyn Bridge Ventures actually starts in January of 2010, *after* the Airbnb class of Winter 2009. I’ve closed on about 20 early stage investments and, by comparison, 5 of my investments are now worth $40 million or more either via financing or exit (with three more over $25 million). That’s 25%... a far higher rate than YC has appeared to have done since then. My total valuation multiple across that span is nearly 4x and the return rate is up over 110% IRR. The initial base of capital has already been returned in those investments, so it’s not a made up return based on just paper gains either. Most relevant to this conversation, though, is that I didn’t do it by only funding only hacker dudes in the Valley: Nine of my twenty investments have female founders or co-founders--nearly 50%. All of the companies but one were funded in NYC, with the other in Boston. Of the 20 teams, only half count an engineer as a founder or co-founder. ” #