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📌 Programming Pearls #
📌 ProgrammingLanguageTheoryTextsOnline < Techno < TWiki

If I thought I could actually make it through an entire textbook on a computer screen this would be amazing. #

📌 Handbook of Applied Cryptography

Recommended by Bruce Schneir and available online for free. #

📌 http://www.stat.duke.edu/~michael/book.html

I think this is the stats book I’ve been wanting to read. #

📌 CS 61A Home Page

Class using SCIP at Berkeley #

📌 Stevey's Home Page - Ten Great Books #
📌 Amazon.com: Personal CS Degree wishlist #
📌 What books should be on my "personal CS degree" reading list? | Ask MetaFilter #
📌 Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, Video Lectures

Video lectures to accompany SCIP. Awesome. #

📌 Welcome to the SICP Web Site #
📌 Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach #