Jacob Kaplan-Moss

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Discussing Open Source funding and sustainability on the Sustain podcast March 29th, 2024

I was invited on the Sustain podcast to discuss my recent rant about open source sustainability. I talked about my reaction to the criticism that open source maintainers receive when they take funding, and how this is a personal issue for me – maintainers aren’t abstract ideas to me, they’re my friends. We discussed my call for a more expansive definition of open source, and got into some of the nuance about some of the problems this can cause.

Talking about Django's history and future on Django Chat March 20th, 2024

I was on the Django Chat podcast to about Django’s history, the creation of the DSF, my recent return to the DSF board and my goals there, and the things I’m excited about for Django going forward. Here are some highlights from the interview.