Jacob Kaplan-Moss

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Tracking Engineering Time February 7th, 2024

How do you understand what engineers are doing with that time? How do you know if they’re working on the “right” things? Here’s how I suggest answering those questions.

🔗 Prioritizing and Planning within Heroku Postgres - Craig Kerstiens October 31st, 2022

My favorite planning exercise

Simple Product Management Tricks October 20th, 2021

Three simple tricks product I’ve picked up that help me be more than completely useless when I need to wear a Product hat.

The VPP/VPE Relationship June 16th, 2021

For an organization to succeed – to reliably and consistently deliver great products that customers want – Product and Engineering need to work well individually, but more importantly, they need to work well together. The working relationship between these two organizations starts with the relationship between their two leaders. If these two individuals don’t have a strong individual working relationship, the team relationship is doomed. This article covers what a strong relationship between the VPE and the VPP looks like, and how to build that relationship.

Demos, Prototypes, and MVPs January 16th, 2020

Much of my work at Hangar involves early product development, helping our startups “break ground” on their products. We’re starting with little more than an idea, and maybe some theories from the research, and taking the first steps towards a marketable product. I’m usually building one of three things: a demo, a prototype, or a minimum viable product (MVP). I’ve seen some confusion over these terms — some people seem to use them somewhat interchangeable.…