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📌 Productivity in Terrible Times #
📌 Why Crunch Modes Doesn't Work: Six Lessons | IGDA

“When used long-term, Crunch Mode slows development and creates more bugs when compared with 40-hour weeks. [...] Productivity drops immediately upon starting overtime and continues to drop until, at approximately eight 60-hour weeks, the total work done is the same as what would have been done in eight 40-hour weeks.” #

📌 Evernote

I didn’t realize that Evernote had an API. I might need to investigate switching my document management tool... #

📌 Earth Class Mail

Basically an online P.O. box; they’ll scan & shred mail sent to a snail mail address. Kinda expensive, but sounds awesome. #

📌 Palimpsest: the guide to a (mostly) paperless life | 43 Folders

I just got a ScanSnap (woo!) and now I need to figure out the best way to use it. This might fit my needs, but more likely I’ll end up writing some Django app to manage all the documents. #

📌 Coding Horror: Does More Than One Monitor Improve Productivity?

I don’t understand why there’s so much debate about this: more screen real estate is simply a negligable cost even for a tiny performance increase. Wonder if my 30" is here yet... #