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📌 Candygram

An implementation of Erlang-style concurrency for Python. Processes are implemented on top of threads, unfortunately, so there’s a pretty low limit on the level of concurrency, which illustrates the problems with “porting” a concept like this between languages. Still the API is relatively sane, and with some work on the underlying model -- perhaps a switch to select/epoll -- this could be a very nice addition to the Python concurrency toolkit. #

📌 IP address geolocation SQL database | Share your knowledge!

Finally, a free GeoIP database. #

📌 Unicode In 5 Minutes - Second Life Wiki #
📌 How SQLite Is Tested

SQLite’s testing infrastructure is nothing short of inspired: “SQLite [...] consists of approximately 62.2 KSLOC of C code. [...] By comparison, the project has 716 times as much test code and test scripts—44568.6 KSLOC. [...] The TCL test suite obtains 99.37% statement coverage [... and] 95.16% branch coverage.” #

📌 20 Useful Visualization Libraries : A Beautiful WWW

Roundup of 20 free (some gratis, some libre) visualization toolkits. I’d heard of about half of these, but some others are news to me. Awesome. #

📌 Whoosh

Pure-Python search engine. Looks like a great idea if you need something simple and don’t want to mess with an external service. #

📌 Switching from scripting languages to Objective C and iPhone: useful libraries :: Hackdiary

I’ve come across some of these myself, but others (GTMHTTPFetcher!) are news to me. #

📌 Introduction to Information Retrieval

Looks like a must-read; Matt says that this is the best technical book he’s read in years. #

📌 If Programming Languages Were Christmas Carols | The Changelog

Guido we have hard on high / Sweetly indenting o’re the code, / And the functions in reply / Their exceptions sweetly flowed. #

📌 Automated Day Trader

A series on building an automated day trader. Seems really fun from a programming challenge perspective, but I think I’m too gun shy to turn something like this loose on my own bank account. #

📌 Growing a Language, by Guy Steele

Absolutely amazing. #

📌 MTV API Documentation Home

Goddamn: MTV has an API, and it uses Atom. This somehow boggles my mind. #

📌 Google Visualization API - Google Code

Google’s visualization API — previously only available as widgets in a Google Spreadsheet — gets released for general use today. See also the Python library. #

📌 XPRL.org Home Page

“eXtensible Public Relations Language.” Yikes. #

📌 Useless Use of Cat Award

Unfortunately, this isn’t what the title promises. #

📌 Working Without Copyleft

An interesting look at the choice to use a “weaker” open source license like the BSD, and some good arguments against the GPL. #

📌 stevenf.com: How to report a bug in a Mac OS X application

Steven’s specifically talking about reporting bugs in a OS X application, but there’s really very little here that’s OS X specific. Reporting bugs well is an art; those who practice it well see their itches scratched sooner. #

📌 Simon Willison: Announcing dmigrations

The schema evolution in Django space is really heating up. With luck we can keep the competition friendly, and pull out a best-of-breed solution to roll back into Django. #

📌 Kansas Primary 2008 recap at Matt Croydon::Postneo

Matt’s been working on the JW’s election coverage for a few years now, and it’s getting *really* slick. To me, though, the most interesting part is in how Matt’s been able to track down clueful people at Douglas County and the Secretary of State; having a quick and clean source of data makes this process much, must easier. It strikes me that there really isn’t a whole lot of difference between Matt cultivating these relationships and a “traditional” journalist’s cultivation of sources. #

📌 Simple Top-Down Parsing in Python

Fantastic article on building a top-down parser in just a few hundred lines of Python. Read this even if you don’t care about parsing: effbot really demonstrates many of the cool idiomatic tricks that makes Python such a pleasure to write and read. #

📌 Protocol buffers: the early reviews are in [dive into mark]

Absolutely perfect roundup of the reaction to protocol buffers. #

📌 Your automatically generated APIdoc is not a replacement for real documentation - The Gay Bar

Word. #

📌 Annotype #
📌 Coding Horror: Does More Than One Monitor Improve Productivity?

I don’t understand why there’s so much debate about this: more screen real estate is simply a negligable cost even for a tiny performance increase. Wonder if my 30" is here yet... #

📌 James Henstridge » Two‐Phase Commit in Python’s DB‐API

Two-phase commit proposal for Python. A bit esoteric, but this could help us crazy ORM weenies a bit. #

📌 The Pownce Blog » Blog Archive » Announcing Pownce API v2.0

Version 2 of the Pownce API is out, and it’s extremely well-designed. I hope Leah will write about the backend-details -- this is the best Django-powered REST API I’ve seen yet. #

📌 iCalendar package for Python

Another iCalendar library. This one has perhaps the best API of all the ones I’ve used and seems to work with all the iCal feeds I’ve thrown at it. #

📌 Oakwinter.com :: Code » Subclassing modules in Python

Cute trick. #

📌 prefuse | interactive information visualization toolkit

Nifty looking dataviz toolkit. Some overlap with Processing, it seems, but there’s also a bunch of graph/node stuff in Prefuse that looks neat. It’s Java, unfortunatly, but maybe that’ll be a good excuse to try out the recent advances in Jython. #

📌 The Naive Approach to Hiring People

A pretty radical proposal reguarding hiring practices, but one that makes a *lot* of sense. #