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📌 www.crankycoder.com » Blog Archive » A completely biased comparison of JBoss and Django

Heehee... #

📌 Now with Django powered goodness!

Antonio on Django/Tabblo: “the HP folks doing diligence on us started by asking why we had not chosen Ruby on Rails and came out the other end incredibly impressed with our Django choice.” #

📌 Geek from A to Z — Edward O’Connor

“It would be hard to come up with something more elegant for building web applications than Django.” #

📌 Framework Performance in Ruby on Rails

A relatively through comparison between the speed of Symfony, Rails, and Django. Turns out Django’s around 30% faster than Rails. #

📌 Brian Rosenthal's Weblog » Django

“Django is everything I could ever want in a web framework”. #

📌 Lucent Plum » Blog Archive » First Impressions of Django

“I finally gave Django a fair chance on a large web application project I did for a client. In a nutshell, wow!” #

📌 Bill de hÓra: links for 2006-05-04

Bill de hÓra: “django has won the python frameworks battle” #

📌 J2EE --> Django sucess story (django-users mailing list) #
📌 A Brief Django/TurboGears Comparison

“...my conclusion is that Django is a better fit for me.” #

📌 Machine Check Exception » Blog Archive » Document Management Systems and Hubris

“...the punchline is that with Django and Python, I was able to create a DMS that directly addresses our needs in 24 programmer-hours and half a case of Mountain Dew.” #

📌 online.effbot.org: django, again

“At this point, I’d say Django *is* the winner in the LAMP-as-in-Python space” #

📌 Brian Ray's Blog : Django/staticdjango.html

“Django is fast. Fast is setting up. Fast for fitting in with legacy item. And these pages load really fast. Not only faster than most JAVA and RoR sites, but faster than many static sites.” #

📌 Coder’s Eye » Blog Archive » Django encourages Flow

“Django is one good web framework. It is the easiest portal into programming “Flow” I’ve found in ages. Programming for Django rapidly sucks me into an extremely rapid and engaging code-test-next cycle.” #

📌 DPRK Propaganda Gallery #