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📌 Django Documentation in ePub Format - Pedro Kroger #
📌 My eBook build process and some PDF, EPUB and MOBI tips - Pat Shaughnessy #
📌 » LaTeX to Lulu The Architecture of Open Source Applications

Seven articles diving into the LaTeX -> Lulu workflow used for AOSA. Golden. #

📌 Amazon.com: Kindle Singles

This is *exactly* what digital publishing is meant for. There’s traditionally been a gulf between short-form (news, magazine) publishing and long-form (books), and the economics of print basically mean that medium-form publishing is impossible. Kudos to Amazon for recognizing the opportunities the Kindle platform has to bridge this gap! #

📌 TasteBook.com: Create cookbooks, search recipes, share recipes

Turn a set of recipes from Epicurious into a printed cookbook. A cool idea, but it sucks that it’s Epicurious only... #

📌 O'Reilly Radar > Free Downloads vs. Sales: A Publishing Case Study

Important reading for anyone publishing or writing a technical book: “there is little sign that the free downloads hurt sales.” #