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Shanley and my PyCon talk June 1st, 2015

A few folks have asked about a link between my PyCon talk and Shanley’s writing, specifically her essay 10x Engineer, which you can find in her essay collection, Your Startup Is Broken. Shanley’s writing (and the work she publishes in Model View Culture) has influenced and inspired my thinking about the tech industry in many ways. Shanley’s writings on tech and feminism have informed and inspired me, and have definitely helped shape my thinking.…

PyCon Braindump March 19th, 2008

PyCon 2008 Brain Dump There are some great roundups of the content at PyCon out there; this isn’t one of them. See, I have this notebook (Moleskine FTW!) I carry with me everywhere, and now it’s chock-full of note from PyCon; this is a braindump. EAV Mammoth replicator Django 1.0 will support Python 2.3, but later releases likely will not. We’ll need to start working on moving to Python 3.…

Overheard at PyCon February 23rd, 2007

Overheard at PyCon: James Tauber: “Reinventing the wheel is great if you’re trying to learn more about wheels.” Adrian Holovaty: “Having Python produce JavaScript is like using a motorized wheelchair because you’re too lazy to walk.” Titus Brown: “I don’t do test driven development. I do stupidity driven testing… I wait until I do something stupid, and then write tests to avoid doing it again.” Simon Burton (introducing RPython): “Who here would like your Python code to run thirty to forty times faster?…

Django stuff at Pycon March 2nd, 2006

For anyone looking for the Django stuff I showed off at PyCon: Slides from my presentation (PDF version [9 MB]) The Sudoku app I demonstrated Source to the Sudoku app