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📌 Function-Fiasco #
📌 CodingBat #
📌 Sean Reifschneider: PyCon 2010 Networking Wrap-up

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: PyCon has the best wifi of any conference, and it’s because of Sean. if you want good networking, hire Sean. #

📌 stevedekorte's vertexdb at master - GitHub

Graph database built on top of Tokyo Cabinet. Young, but has an un-fucked-up (BSD) license. #

📌 PyCon 2009 wireless network report

Sean’s report on the networking at PyCon 2009 is a great read -- funny, and packed full of information. I’ve constantly amazed at the quality of the wifi at PyCon -- conferences half PyCon’s size usually make the network buckle. Folks running large conferences seem to have two choices when it comes to wifi: have it fail, or hire tummy.com. Simple. #

📌 PyCon on blip.tv

Video from 2009 is just starting to trickle up onto the Interwebtubes! #

📌 programming: Pycon 2008 disappointment

In which people say nice things about me on reddit. Really! #

📌 PyCon 2008 Tutorial Day

The tutorial list for PyCon 2008 is up, and it looks *fantastic*. They ended up going with *three* sessions of tutorials (instead of the two there’s been in past years) so there’s really a fantastic array to choose from (include a couple by yours truely). #

📌 PyCon Wireless Network

Sean’s write-up of how he pulled off the wireless networking at PyCon this year. This should be required reading for anyone holding a geek conference; PyCon’s network coverage was *far* better than any other conference I’ve ever been at. #