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📌 A Curriculum for Python Packaging

Al Sweigart’s curated selection of talks, documentation, and notes covering the Python packaging ecosystem. I’m seen most of these myself and I agree with the picks 100%: it’s a great set of knowledge to help really nail down a rather-confusing part of the Python ecosystem. #

📌 Gather: A Plugin Framework #
📌 Apache Airflow (incubating) Documentation — Airflow Documentation #
📌 SSLyze v1.0.0 Released | In Security #
📌 pyupio/safety-db: A curated database of insecure Python packages #
📌 Think Stats: Probability and Statistics for Programmers #
📌 Dash Docsets Comiled by Me

Python docsets for Dash #

📌 Platypus | Sveinbjorn Thordarson

Neat—turns shell scripts (anything with a #!) into a .app. Sorta like dataclips for shell scripts. #

📌 Ned Batchelder: Mocking datetime.today

I always forget how to successfully mock datetime. Ned’s technique is good, and he’s got pointers to a couple other options too. Hopefully now I won’t forget! #

📌 Python’s super() considered super! « Deep Thoughts by Raymond Hettinger #
📌 SecretMike: AWS CloudFront Secure Streaming #
📌 mvantellingen/localshop #
📌 IOS Support for Kivy | Txzone

This is a really big deal: it lets you develop an app that runs on both Android and iOS from a single codebase -- Python! #

📌 CodingBat #
📌 PYBB Powered Forum

Neat—a Django-powered forum, complete with docs and tests! #

📌 Better web cartography with dot density maps and new tools « News Apps Blog #
📌 Streamline your Django workflow — bruno.im

A couple neat workflow hacks. This is why I love being a polyglot programmer. #

📌 Greplin/scales - GitHub

Stats collections for Python inspired by Coda Hale’s Metrics. I’ve been waiting for something like this! #

📌 mikedewar/D3py - GitHub

Plot Python objects with d3.js. #

📌 kennethreitz/envoy - GitHub

Kennethreitz strikes again. Envoy does for subprocess what requests does for urllib—woot. #

📌 Adding Compass to your project: Brandon Craig Rhodes

*Really* fantastic writeup of how to integrate Compass into a Python (virtualenv-based) project. This workflow stuff has been the missing link for me, so I think this’ll be the kick in the pants I need to add Compass to my kit. #

📌 John Anderson ( sontek ) - Turning Vim into a modern Python IDE #
📌 exogen/nose-achievements - GitHub #
📌 logging.statistics

This is a good idea. #

📌 Biplist

Generate binary plists in Python. This is *perfect* for APIs serving iOS apps—it’ll really speed ’em up. #

📌 Unit Testing Guidelines — pylonshq v0.0 documentation

Pylons’/Pyramid’s new unit testing guidelines. *Very* good stuff here. #

📌 Django Admin Customization Examples #
📌 Plumber Jack: QueueHandler and ZeroMQ support #
📌 Writing traceroute in 40 lines of Python

We generally think of languages like Python as high-level languages, but that doesn’t mean they’re not capable of diving down into low-level territory. #

📌 Popular recipes by Raymond Hettinger « ActiveState Code

You could teach an advanced Python class by just going over all of Raymond’s Python recipes. #