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📌 Writing traceroute in 40 lines of Python

We generally think of languages like Python as high-level languages, but that doesn’t mean they’re not capable of diving down into low-level territory. #

📌 Popular recipes by Raymond Hettinger « ActiveState Code

You could teach an advanced Python class by just going over all of Raymond’s Python recipes. #

📌 [Catalog-sig] PyPi & PSHB

Some info and code from Justin Lilly on hooking up a PSHB callback to PyPI. #

📌 Best practices in web development with Python and Django « News Apps Blog #
📌 Ian Bicking: a blog :: Re-raising Exceptions

Everything you ever wanted to know about re-raising exceptions in Python. #

📌 Rhonabwy » Setting up a python CI server with Hudson #
📌 Python Package Index : pudb 0.92.13

A full-screen console (curses) debugger for Python. Looks like a nice middle-ground between pdb/ipdb and a GUI debugger. #

📌 Pyntch - Static Code Analysis for Python

Typeflow analysis for Python. Looks pretty cool; don’t know how well it’ll work on larger projects. #

📌 Deciphering Glyph: Oh <what> a.tangled {web, we} WEAVE FROM

Anyone who liked my “Snakes on the Web” should read Glyph’s follow-up. I agree completely: web development *does* lack conceptual integrity, and, in a nutshell, that’s what makes it hard. #

📌 Python Projects in Users’ Home Directories with wsgi | Code Spatter

Nice technique for lightweight WSGI apps without needing to touch your Apache conf after the initial setup. I’d like to do something like this for my personal site so that it’s easier to deploy quick & dirty apps. #

📌 Enable setup.py test in your Django apps | Surfing in Kansas

Everyone: do this. Now. #

📌 Hosting Python on GitHub? - GitHub #
📌 ericflopsy.py

Eric’s fork of Nathan’s flopsy, a simple AMPQlib wrapper. #

📌 hatful of hollow - Visualising Sorting Algorithms

Really awesome, and I think I finally understand how heapsort works. Oh, and it comes with bonus Python+Cairo examples. #

📌 Scrapy – Trac

Interesting: “an open source web crawling and screen scraping framework written in Python.” #

📌 Rabbits and warrens. - Jason’s .plan

A good introduction to message queues, specifically RabbitMQ. #

📌 Candygram

An implementation of Erlang-style concurrency for Python. Processes are implemented on top of threads, unfortunately, so there’s a pretty low limit on the level of concurrency, which illustrates the problems with “porting” a concept like this between languages. Still the API is relatively sane, and with some work on the underlying model -- perhaps a switch to select/epoll -- this could be a very nice addition to the Python concurrency toolkit. #

📌 Buildout - software build system reloaded!

zc.buildout, the build isolation system I’ve been using, has finally grown its own website, with real, actual documentation. Awesome. #

📌 Farmdev: What Makes Pylons Stand Out As a Web Framework

A really good summary of what’s good about Pylons. I’m glad to see that the recent 0.9.7 release adds “documentation” to the list; all too often, poor or missing documentation cripples an otherwise good chunk of code. #

📌 Interlude - Write Python Doctests interactive — BlueDynamics Alliance

Drop into an interpreter in the middle of your doctest. Brilliant! #

📌 An Exercise in Species Barcoding

Peter Norgig drops some science. #

📌 Whoosh

Pure-Python search engine. Looks like a great idea if you need something simple and don’t want to mess with an external service. #

📌 Doug Hellmann: Writing Technical Documentation with Sphinx, Paver, and Cog

A complete documentation workflow (including several different HTML outputs along with PDF) built around Sphinx. #

📌 ClearTrain

Database of training programs for web technologies. #

📌 Rate limiting with memcached

Simon’s simple rate limiter for Django. Make sure to read the comment thread: there’s some really good discussion of some of the tradeoffs there. #

📌 peafowl - Google Code #
📌 If Programming Languages Were Christmas Carols | The Changelog

Guido we have hard on high / Sweetly indenting o’re the code, / And the functions in reply / Their exceptions sweetly flowed. #

📌 Let's talk about Python 3.0

It uses Python 3 or it gets the hose. On a more serious note, James absolutely nails it w.r.t Python 3. #

📌 Mock It!: An lxml you can bank on

Finally! easy_install staticlxml and done. #

📌 Python Package Index : collective.buildbot 0.3.3

A set of zc.buildout recipes that make it *stupidly* easy to configure and set up a buildbot master or slave -- it’s literally like six shell commands to get a dummy buildbot going. Totally freeking awesome. #