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📌 Defining Bullying Down - NYTimes.com

“The definition of bullying adopted by psychologists is physical or verbal abuse, repeated over time, and involving a power imbalance. In other words, it’s about one person with more social status lording it over another person, over and over again, to make him miserable.” #

📌 Op-ed: On Working Together Over Time | Advocate.com

“These facts may remind us that patriarchy, racism, and nationalism have been dominant for less than 5% of human history. Maybe they are an experiment that failed.” #

📌 leftover words: talking about sex (safely)

“[W]e need to move away from the idea that taking care how we discuss certain issues is necessarily censorship. We always choose which topics we’ll discuss, and how.... Including some topics excludes certain people, always.” #

📌 Technical Underpinnings (Pinboard Blog)

“A rule of thumb that has worked well for me is that if I’m excited to play around with something, it probably doesn’t belong in production.” #

📌 LKML: Junio C Hamano: [ANNOUNCE] GIT 1.6.0

“’git commit-tree’ plumbing can make Octopus with more than 16 parents.” #

📌 Techworld - The A-Z of Programming Languages: Python

GvR: “Django is [...] a pretty darn good web framework that matches my style of developing, it is also an exemplary example of a good open source project, run by people who really understand community involvement.” #

📌 Anil Dash: A Blog About Making Culture

“Imagine imposing a tax on every corporation in the developed world, collecting $100 per white-collar worker per year, and then directing one third of the proceeds to curing AIDS and malaria. That, effectively, is what Bill Gates has done.” #

📌 Ian Bicking: a blog :: Prism

“If you hate the web [...] I don’t want anything to do with you.” Word. #

📌 5 Question Interview with Twitter Developer Alex Payne

“All the convenience methods and syntactical sugar that makes Rails such a pleasure for coders ends up being absolutely punishing, performance-wise.” That, right there, is why Django is written the way it is. #

📌 intonation.mov (video/quicktime Object)

Brilliant. #

📌 Roger Clarke's Information Wants to be Free ...

The history of the phrase “information wants to be free” #