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📌 Running a High Traffic Rails App on Heroku’s Performance Dynos — STARTUPS + WANDERLUST + LIFE HACKING — Medium #
📌 Rails Searchable API Doc

Nice-looking, highly searchable Rails API site and app. #

📌 CSRF: Flash + 307 redirect = Game Over (CSRF: Flash + 307 redirect = Game Over)

The exploit we just released fixes for. turns out it’s a bug in flash. I’m shocked, shocked. #

📌 A Painful Decision « A Fresh Cup

The Rails community drives away another brilliant mind: “A significant number of Rails core contributors—with leadership (if that’s the right word) from DHH—apparently feel that being unwelcoming and “edgy” is not just acceptable, but laudable. The difference between their opinions and mine is so severe that I cannot in good conscience remain a public spokesman for Rails.” #

📌 ClearTrain

Database of training programs for web technologies. #

📌 Amazon Web Services Blog: 100% on Amazon Web Services: Soocial.com

A look at one app’s AWS architecture. Nginx, HAProxy, Rails, pgpool II, PostgreSQL, and RabbitMQ. I didn’t realize that pgpool II did sharding at the balancer layer; that makes this kind of set up much easier. #

📌 RubyForge: Starling: Project Info

Hells yeah! I heard about this a while back, and have been hoping it would get open-sourced. Fantastic. #

📌 7 reasons I switched back to PHP after 2 years on Rails - O'Reilly Ruby

Read the comment thread for the 8th reason: good lord the Rails community is obnoxious. It’s a shame: Rails is such beautiful tech, but it seems to attrack the worst of the rabid fanboy assholes out there. #

📌 Rails Envy: Ruby on Rails vs Django - Commercial #7

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” #

📌 From Rails to Django — Myles Braithwaite

“Recently I switched all of my websites to Djanog from Rails and you can see the difference.” Wow, an amazing difference in RAM consumption. Especially surprising given that Python/Django isn’t exactly known for low memory usage. #

📌 5 Question Interview with Twitter Developer Alex Payne

“All the convenience methods and syntactical sugar that makes Rails such a pleasure for coders ends up being absolutely punishing, performance-wise.” That, right there, is why Django is written the way it is. #

📌 index.php (GIF Image, 120x67 pixels)

Why does Ruby on Rails’ web site run PHP? Can’t support the load, eh? #

📌 Framework Performance in Ruby on Rails

A relatively through comparison between the speed of Symfony, Rails, and Django. Turns out Django’s around 30% faster than Rails. #

📌 Zed on Ruby, Rails, Mongrel, and More - O'Reilly Ruby

Contains the best definition of “Enterprise Ready” I’ve ever read. #

📌 Django | Snakes and Rubies downloads

Video and audio from the Snakes and Rubies event #

📌 Snakes and Rubies :: Index

Witness an epic battle of Those WIth Strange Last Names Who Write Web Frameworks #

📌 railsfs: woah

This is the type of thing people are compelled to write when they don’t have a working automatic web admin :) #