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📌 How SB Nation Published Their Daniel Holtzclaw Story - Deadspin

I want to see SB Nation’s postmortem before I make any firm judgements. But this account makes a ton of sense, given what I’ve seen from SB Nation, the press’s general blind spots around rape, and Longform fetishism. #

📌 The SB Nation debacle shows the folly of writing about rapists when you understand nothing about rape.

“Context is crucial no matter what you’re writing about. No responsible science journalist would write about a new report on carbon emissions without summarizing the previous body of research on climate change. No responsible politics writer would profile Donald Trump without describing the political environment that led to his rise. It’s equally unacceptable for a journalist to write about a rapist without describing any of the ample research that’s been done on rape, sexual assault, and toxic masculinity. (It’s particularly egregious for a journalist writing about a football player rapist not to mention research indicating that athletes are more likely to commit sexual assault than non-athletes.)” #