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📌 Kwalify: schema validator and data binding for YAML/JSON

Schema validator (written in Ruby) for YAML and JSON. It doesn’t appear that the schema format is a standard of any sort, nor are they any plans that I can find. Still, this’ll be useful. #

📌 XPRL.org Home Page

“eXtensible Public Relations Language.” Yikes. #

📌 Simon Willison: Announcing dmigrations

The schema evolution in Django space is really heating up. With luck we can keep the competition friendly, and pull out a best-of-breed solution to roll back into Django. #

📌 pgmigrate - Google Code

Another database migration tool. This one’s not Django-specific (though it will work with Django), but it is PostgreSQL specific. I’m really quite happy with the competition in this space right now; it’ll force any eventually Django built-in migration to #


“RNV is an implementation of Relax NG Compact Syntax validator in ANSI C. The command-line utility uses Expat. It is distributed under BSD license.” Sweet! #

📌 Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool - Welcome to Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool

Diff two PG schemas. Very cool. #

📌 Varlena, LLC | PostgreSQL General Bits Newsletter

Some good tips on organizing DB schema updates. I’d like Django’s schema evolution framework to work something like this. #