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📌 A white-label slide deck | Alice Bartlett #
📌 adamzap/landslide #
📌 Speaker Deck - Share Presentations without the Mess

Whoa, it’s like Slideshare without the bullshit. Can’t wait for this to launch. #

📌 A Survey of Concurrency Constructs

Ted Leung’s OSCON talk. One of my favorites, he zoomed through a bunch of different ways languages implement concurrency. Chock full of links to implementations, theory, and details. #

📌 Spatializing your Data with PostGIS, GeoDjango & OpenLayers: OSCON 2009 - O'Reilly Conferences, July 20 - 24, 2009, San Jose, CA

The slides from this OSCON tutorial are very, very good. #

📌 Coder Who Says Py: Initial slides for PyCon core development tutorial online

Brett’s (preliminary) slides on contributing to Python. I need to prepare something similar for Django. #

📌 OpenID Bootcamp Tutorial » SlideShare

Slides from Simon and David’s OpenID tutorial at OSCON. #

📌 Django Master Class

Slides and notes from the tutorial Simon, Jeremy and I gave yesterday at OSCON. #

📌 Peter Van Dijck’s Guide to Ease » Blog Archive » The top 10 presentations on scaling websites: twitter, Flickr, Bloglines, Vox and more.

A *great* roundup of ten presentations on scaling: Twitter, Flickr, LiveJournal, Vox, Bloglines, last.fm, and SlideShare. #

📌 Kitchen Soap » Blog Archive » Slides from ‘Capacity Planning for LAMP’ talk at MySQL Conf 2007 #
📌 Welcome to the Conference on Test Automation

Slides from Google’s 2006 conference on test automation. #