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📌 Quantifying Technical Debt « Arlo Being Bloody Stupid #
📌 Fundamental Practices for Secure Software Development #
📌 The Story Behind The Xmas Kings Cross Problems

For once, read the comments! #

📌 The Wetware Crisis: the Thermocline of Truth : Bruce F. Webster #
📌 Why Crunch Modes Doesn't Work: Six Lessons | IGDA

“When used long-term, Crunch Mode slows development and creates more bugs when compared with 40-hour weeks. [...] Productivity drops immediately upon starting overtime and continues to drop until, at approximately eight 60-hour weeks, the total work done is the same as what would have been done in eight 40-hour weeks.” #

📌 FLOSSPOLS Gender Integrated Report of Findings [pdf]

A bunch of research into gender in FLOSS, including the oft-cited 1.5% figure. #

📌 Technical Underpinnings (Pinboard Blog)

“A rule of thumb that has worked well for me is that if I’m excited to play around with something, it probably doesn’t belong in production.” #

📌 Time

Some good notes about using and storing time. I’m not sure I agree about storing time as Unix timestamps—what about pre-1970 dates? #

📌 MarcoPolo - Context-aware computing for Mac OS X

Nifty tool: gather “location evidence” (wifi network names, attached peripherals, etc.) and use that infer location (“home”, “work”, etc.). I’m using this to automatically kick off backups and such when arriving home (where my NAS is) and at work (where I have a fast connection to S3). #

📌 Semantic Versioning #
📌 The best way to plan and spec software | Chalkboard

“Quickly define software features, user stories, and screens. Chalkboard creates lean, useful software specs that your team can work with and iterate on as you design and develop your application.” #

📌 Empirical Software Engineering Group (ESE) - Microsoft Research

Lots of really great research papers on software development. This group does a good job looking at empirical data surrounding engineering best practices, especially testing. #

📌 Ephemera: The Mac tool for Instapaper & ebook reader enthusiasts

Two-way Instapaper/Kindle sync. Must try. #

📌 Graffiti Markup Language (GML)

Not a joke. #

📌 Connected Flow - Viewfinder: Flickr search tool

Download photos from Flickr directly into Keynote. This is going to save me mad time. #

📌 “Open Core” Is the New Shareware - Bradley M. Kuhn ( Brad ) ( bkuhn )

This. #

📌 mxcl's homebrew at masterbrew - GitHub

Looks like a perfect middle ground between the Scylla of MacPorts/Fink and the Charybdis of building everything by hand. Next OSX box I set up is going to use homebrew. #

📌 HEYU - Introduction

Open source X10 (RF/powerline) command line tool. #

📌 Time Warp

Interesting idea: take your Time Machine backups and sync ’em to Amazon S3. I’ve been essentially doing the same thing by hand, but this looks much slicker. Worth a try, I think. #

📌 International Free and Open Source Software Law Review

A new journal dedicated to free/open source software law. Awesome. #

📌 Pivotal Tracker

Bug tracking software oriented around the “story/iteration” model. Looks pretty neat, though I kinda wish the bullshit jargon around “Agile Software” would curl up and die; it’s just distracting and Inside Baseball-y. I especially like the built-in velocity tracking; that’s something traditional bug tracks aren’t so good at. #

📌 Circos - visualize genomes and genomic data

Simple stunning data visualization tool. #

📌 Apple's Pages and PDF | Root | Mac 911 | Macworld

Text in PDF exports from Pages.app look like ass. Here’s a workaround: it involves saving as PostScript and and converting the PS to PDF. Dear Apple: 1985 called; they want their technology back. #

📌 The Omni Group - OmniGraphSketcher

Whoa, a graphing tool from Omni. I don’t know what I’d do without OmniGraffle, and I make graphs a lot more than diagrams... time to ready the credit card! #

📌 Why GPSes suck, and what to do about it

I’d never realized just what a cesspool GPS devices are. It’s astoundingly bad at literally every level. #

📌 How SQLite Is Tested

SQLite’s testing infrastructure is nothing short of inspired: “SQLite [...] consists of approximately 62.2 KSLOC of C code. [...] By comparison, the project has 716 times as much test code and test scripts—44568.6 KSLOC. [...] The TCL test suite obtains 99.37% statement coverage [... and] 95.16% branch coverage.” #

📌 Interlude - Write Python Doctests interactive — BlueDynamics Alliance

Drop into an interpreter in the middle of your doctest. Brilliant! #

📌 renameutils

“... a set of programs designed to make renaming of files faster and less cumbersome.” #

📌 What Is XLIFF?

An XML interchange format for translating documentation. #

📌 Official Google Mac Blog: Search Without Effort: The Quick Search Box

This is what the creator of QuickSilver has been working on at Google. Pretty rudimentary right now, but I’m excited to see where it goes. #