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📌 PostgreSQL Exercises #
📌 HTSQL — a database query language for the accidental programmer

OMGWTFBBQ!? This looks incredible. #

📌 Muuttaa is a self-regulating SQL queue - Google Code

Written by Joe Stump at Digg, Muuttaa is “a partitioned, persistent, self-regulating SQL queue that allows you to queue up alterations to your DB(s).” Basically it’s a utility to abstract backfilling and do it in a way that won’t bring your db down. Nifty. #

📌 Josh Berkus: Finding Useless Indexes #
📌 Waiting for 8.4 - Common Table Expressions (WITH queries)

Awesome new feature that’ll land in PostgreSQL 8.4. WITH is basically just a nice way of declaring query-local temporary tables, but WITH RECURSIVE is... just awesome. #

📌 Steve.org.uk - asql - Apache SQL querying

Read Apache logs into a sqlite database. #

📌 Defying Classification: Queryset Implementation

Malcolm explains some of the problems (and solutions) he’s working on in the qs-rf branch. Really great stuff -- Django’s incredibly lucky to have him! #

📌 James Henstridge » Two‐Phase Commit in Python’s DB‐API

Two-phase commit proposal for Python. A bit esoteric, but this could help us crazy ORM weenies a bit. #

📌 The Hand of FuManChu - Storm, SQLAlchemy, and Geniusql

Not sure about the quality of the benchmarks, but I’d nevertheless still like to see how Django stacks up here. Not very well I’d imagine, but Django’s always been an 80% ORM anyway, so 80% of the performance would be just *fine* with me. #

📌 techspot.zzzeek.org » Blog Archive » Polymorphic Associations with SQLAlchemy

A good explanation of the underlying SQL behind polymorphic associations. This is how Django does so-called “generic relations” (through a centralized content-types table instead of the address_associations table here). #

📌 Efficient SQL

Greg Mullane’s complete talk on optimizing postgresql. Looks like a few things have changed since 2003 (7.3 --> 8.2), but this still seems *very* relevant. #

📌 Varlena, LLC | PostgreSQL General Bits Newsletter

Some good tips on organizing DB schema updates. I’d like Django’s schema evolution framework to work something like this. #

📌 pgpool page #
📌 sql relay - sqlrelay persistent database connection pooling #