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📌 Rackspace creates career path for tech execs who don’t want to manage people | Network World #
📌 - Thisisgoingtobebig.com - Paul Graham and The World Out There

“My own track record as a VC across First Round Capital and Brooklyn Bridge Ventures actually starts in January of 2010, *after* the Airbnb class of Winter 2009. I’ve closed on about 20 early stage investments and, by comparison, 5 of my investments are now worth $40 million or more either via financing or exit (with three more over $25 million). That’s 25%... a far higher rate than YC has appeared to have done since then. My total valuation multiple across that span is nearly 4x and the return rate is up over 110% IRR. The initial base of capital has already been returned in those investments, so it’s not a made up return based on just paper gains either. Most relevant to this conversation, though, is that I didn’t do it by only funding only hacker dudes in the Valley: Nine of my twenty investments have female founders or co-founders--nearly 50%. All of the companies but one were funded in NYC, with the other in Boston. Of the 20 teams, only half count an engineer as a founder or co-founder. ” #

📌 The Women I’ve Backed | Resolute Ventures

“The tech world surely has a ways to go to achieve gender equality, but I’m here to tell you there are some awesome founders out there right now who happen to be women. Hopefully, the abundance of high caliber women founders will lead to more gender-neutrality in VC investing. It has for me. Without any agenda to back women, during the first two years of my current fund I’ve had the privilege of backing 11 women founders, and I’d stack this group of entrepreneurs up against just about any in the business.” It’s tempting to give props to Michael Hirshland and Resolute Ventures for this, but they kinda don’t really deserve special praise; they’re just doing their fucking jobs. Dear investors: if you’re not backing women, it’s because you’re buying into sexism in tech, consciously or not. It’s not that talented women aren’t out there; it’s that you aren’t seeing them. #

📌 Investors don't trust women, WUSTL study finds | Newsroom | Washington University in St. Louis #
📌 The Wirecutter | A List of the Best Gadgets

The perfect gadget review site for me. #

📌 Technical Underpinnings (Pinboard Blog)

“A rule of thumb that has worked well for me is that if I’m excited to play around with something, it probably doesn’t belong in production.” #

📌 Miscellany: Merit Isn't One Thing

“It’s time for the definition of ”merit“ to change, to expand. Given the amount of time I spend in and around technical communities, if they were not as diverse as they actually are, I would be very unhappy. All sorts of people and all sorts of merit are needed to make a coherent, sustainable and enjoyable community.” RIght on. #

📌 Geckoboard - Realtime Business Status Board #
📌 A good problem to have | Mike Industries

Probably the best analysis of Apple’s current position and tactics. Really, this is brilliant. #

📌 The Perils of Zero-Gravity Videography

Can’t record video in zero G. Lame. #