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📌 Foursquare's New Technoligy Policy

“Being able to introduce new technologies [...] is great, but there can be significant production and maintenance overhead to new systems [...] This proposal is to give some guidelines on how to introduce a new technology in a way which will be sustainable and give it the best chance of long-term success at Foursquare.” #

📌 The Conjoined Triangles of Senior-Level Development

Really good framework for describing technical leadership #

📌 Women-only spaces are a hack - Julia Evans #
📌 Hands Off Our Houses - NYTimes.com

Another example of how technologists fail to take into account social problems. #

📌 A Day in the Future | Raptitude.com

Brilliant. #

📌 A good problem to have | Mike Industries

Probably the best analysis of Apple’s current position and tactics. Really, this is brilliant. #

📌 Nook Features, eBook Reader, eBook Device - Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble’s new reader looks pretty slick. Supports PDFs, and runs Android for added geek points. Watch out Amazon; this looks great. #

📌 YouTube - New York Nearest Subway Augmented Reality App for iPhone 3GS from acrossair

Holy crap. #

📌 Anil Dash: A Blog About Making Culture

“Imagine imposing a tax on every corporation in the developed world, collecting $100 per white-collar worker per year, and then directing one third of the proceeds to curing AIDS and malaria. That, effectively, is what Bill Gates has done.” #

📌 Dark Knight Director Shuns Digital Effects for the Real Thing

I’m so excited about this movie I can barely contain myself. On a slightly-related note, does anyone remember those “No, I am Batman!” commercials back in the day? What was the product, anyway? #

📌 Bruce Schneier Blazes Through Your Questions - Freakonomics - Opinion - New York Times Blog

Required reading this AM. #

📌 Daring Fireball: Scott Moritz and TheStreet.com's Million iPhone La‑La Land

You know, in every branch of journalism I know of faking sources is a fireable offense. Not tech journalism, of course. Why the hell Gruber seems to be the only one taking these douchebag tech reporters to account baffles the hell out of me. #

📌 Spime - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia #