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📌 OpenSourceOnResumes:Writing - MozillaWiki

Good advice on how to put Open Source experience on your resume. #

📌 stevenf.com: How to report a bug in a Mac OS X application

Steven’s specifically talking about reporting bugs in a OS X application, but there’s really very little here that’s OS X specific. Reporting bugs well is an art; those who practice it well see their itches scratched sooner. #

📌 Use Tabs in Textmate for Files Opened Via Transmit by Stuart Colville

Brilliant little hack. The (lack of) Transmit/Textmate integration is theo nly part of my workflow I hate; this fixes it. #

📌 Leisure and Business Travel Packing List - Travel Light with One Bag! #
📌 Undelete in Django | Nathan Ostgard

Nifty technique for a sort of double-opt-in delete for Django models. I especially like the TrashManager/NonTrashManager abstraction; very nice. #

📌 WiZeR » Blog Archive » How to make Newspaper Pots

Great idea for seedlings; those little seed pots are fucking expensive and the damn Sunday NYT is huge. #

📌 Cogito Optimus » Blog Archive » Deploying TrenchMice

Great writeup of launching a Django site. #