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📌 Fleeing from Gmail — Hynek Schlawack

Still need to do this someday. #

📌 The Food Lab: How To Make a Foie Gras Torchon (Secret Technique Inside!) | Serious Eats

Must do this some day. #

📌 Workbench plans #
📌 Django Documentation in ePub Format - Pedro Kroger #
📌 Django snippets: Server Side Cursors for Django's psycopg2 Backend

We should add this to Django. #

📌 logging.statistics

This is a good idea. #

📌 Gourmet Sea Salt, Finishing Salt, Sea Salt, Gourmet Chocolate Bars, Dark Chocolate, Portland Oregon

On the agenda next time I’m in Portland. #

📌 Django Application Conventions | streamhacker.com

Really great overview of what’s in a Django app. This is scattered all over the Django docs and *really* should be pulled into once place in the main docs. #

📌 Taskpaper

A text-based GTD-ish todo app. I’m pretty torn between this an OmniFocus, which is strange given how different in philosophy they are. I’ll probably end up using TaskPaper if only for the really simple text format. #

📌 py-bcrypt - strong password hashing for Python

We should support bcrypt in Django if this module is installed. #