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📌 toniblyx/my-arsenal-of-aws-security-tools

A huge list of open source AWS security tools. #

📌 Job Hound

A tool for tracking your job hunt. Basically the inverse of an ATS. Neat! #

📌 documentation/Apps.md at master · tootsuite/documentation #
📌 YETI #
📌 mozilla/minion: Minion #
📌 Workshop Publishing - Plans, Books, Videos - Home

Plans for DIY vacuum forming, mold making, injection molding tools. #

📌 mini-lathe.com

Tons of info on small metalworking lathes. #

📌 MagicPlay by doubleTwist

An open source version of AirPlay or the Sonos protocol. Awesome! #

📌 My eBook build process and some PDF, EPUB and MOBI tips - Pat Shaughnessy #
📌 2ndQuadrant/repmgr

Replication manager for psql hot/warm standby. Documentation’s a bit lacking right now, but looks pretty intuitive. #

📌 progrium/localtunnel - GitHub #
📌 Badass Perforated Spoon, Poached Egg with Sauteed Spinach | Michael Ruhlman

I really like this idea, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay $30 for a spoon with holes in it. So now one of my stainless steel spoons has an appointment with the drill press. This’ll only hurt for a moment, little guy... #

📌 Wrangler

“An interactive tool for data cleaning and transformation.” A fantastic tool for data cleanup. Watch the video; it’s like magic. #

📌 The best way to plan and spec software | Chalkboard

“Quickly define software features, user stories, and screens. Chalkboard creates lean, useful software specs that your team can work with and iterate on as you design and develop your application.” #

📌 Pyntch - Static Code Analysis for Python

Typeflow analysis for Python. Looks pretty cool; don’t know how well it’ll work on larger projects. #

📌 Pivotal Tracker

Bug tracking software oriented around the “story/iteration” model. Looks pretty neat, though I kinda wish the bullshit jargon around “Agile Software” would curl up and die; it’s just distracting and Inside Baseball-y. I especially like the built-in velocity tracking; that’s something traditional bug tracks aren’t so good at. #

📌 Cheap, Easy Audio Transcription with Mechanical Turk - Waxy.org

Use MT to get audio transcribed at 1/10th of the usual cost. I’m going to give this a shot with the video of my PyCon tutorial, with an eye towards getting all of the PyCon 2009 video transcribed. Wish me luck! #

📌 Tools for News

A database of toolkits for presenting online news. #

📌 renameutils

“... a set of programs designed to make renaming of files faster and less cumbersome.” #

📌 chneukirchen's virtualrb at master - GitHub

Like virtualenv, but for Ruby and (of course) without any documentation beyond a simple README. #

📌 lightningtimer.net

Like any geek who’s chaired lightning talks, Simon built his own talk timer. This time, though, he bought a domain so the rest of us don’t have do do this any more. Thanks, Simon! #

📌 Sad Trombone

Tagged “for:mccain”. #

📌 Google Visualization API - Google Code

Google’s visualization API — previously only available as widgets in a Google Spreadsheet — gets released for general use today. See also the Python library. #

📌 Earth Class Mail

Basically an online P.O. box; they’ll scan & shred mail sent to a snail mail address. Kinda expensive, but sounds awesome. #

📌 Splicd · Get Straight To The Point

Permalink directly to a point in time in a YouTube video. Awesome. #

📌 Fusil - Trac

A library for writing fuzz testing programs. #

📌 pgmigrate - Google Code

Another database migration tool. This one’s not Django-specific (though it will work with Django), but it is PostgreSQL specific. I’m really quite happy with the competition in this space right now; it’ll force any eventually Django built-in migration to #

📌 RubyForge: git-trac

Nice integration between git, git-svn, and Trac. Stupidly relies on scraping HTML instead of Trac’s XML-RPC interface, but otherwise pretty damn nice. #

📌 clonus3 - Google Code

Alex’s excellent sync-to-s3 script that I didn’t realized he’d open-sourced. #

📌 etckeeper

“etckeeper is a collection of tools to let /etc be stored in a git, mercurial, or bzr repository.” Neat. #