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πŸ“Œ Seven awesome travel products for persnickety nerds | Sue Gardner's Blog #
πŸ“Œ Flight Experts Search For You #
πŸ“Œ TidBITS Just for Fun: Immaculate Reception, or, A MobileMe Mystery

β€œ[T]here was a time when Americans traveling abroad would regularly check for mail and telegrams at the nearest American Express office; it was their link to home. Maybe the increasingly common Apple Stores have become the modern-day equivalent.” #

πŸ“Œ Getaround - Peer-to-peer car sharing and car rental

Airbnb for cars. Awesome. But: β€œA Facebook account is required to use Airbnb.” FFFFUUUUU. #

πŸ“Œ Trail Running in Washington, DC #
πŸ“Œ Pay as you go sim with data Wiki

Information on PAYG SIMs with data plans in various countries. Where has this wiki been all my life? #

πŸ“Œ Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 8

Apparently I need to plan a trip to San Francisco this October. #

πŸ“Œ DOPPLR: Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Dopplr’s new public profiles are *super* purty. Here’s mine. #

πŸ“Œ Accessible UK Train Timetables

Far superiour to the National Rail website, with easy URLs to boot. #

πŸ“Œ Delaycast Β· Flight Delay Predictions

From the folks behind FareCast, a prediction service to help you figure out how late you’re gonna be. Sweetness. #

πŸ“Œ TripIt | Organize your travel #
πŸ“Œ Leisure and Business Travel Packing List - Travel Light with One Bag! #
πŸ“Œ Kayak Search API (beta) - Kayak.com

Wow, Kayak (one of my favorite travel search sites) has an API, and a RESTful one to boot! Limited to 40 queries/hour, but still sweet. #

πŸ“Œ Best international multi-city airfare? | Ask MetaFilter

Good advice on where to book multi-city airfares. #

πŸ“Œ CNN.com - When a simple round trip simply won't suffice - Sep 19, 2006

Some notes on multi-city international flights #

πŸ“Œ Welcome to SeatGuru! Your Guide to Airplane Seats and In-flight Amenities

Finally bookmarking this because I always forget the URL. It’s a fantastic tool to help you figure out where to sit on those long flights. #

πŸ“Œ FlightAware - Free Flight Tracker - IFR Flight Status, Tracking, History, Maps

*The* source for flight geekery #