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📌 Annotated postgresql conf, 9.0 Edition

Woohoo—Josh updated the annotated conf to version 9.0. An indispensable resource for PostgreSQL tuning. #

📌 Greg Smith's Note Magnet: Automating initial postgresql.conf tuning

Preliminary work on an automatic tuning tool for PostgreSQL. This is a pretty big deal: a good postgresql.conf translates into major performance gains, but getting things just right can be quite confusing. #

📌 44_annotated_gucs_draft1.pdf (application/pdf Object)

PostgreSQL 8.3 config values, documented and annotated. #

📌 Tuning Your PostgreSQL Server - PostgreSQL Wiki

Finally a good guide to tuning Postgres straight from the source. #

📌 Efficient SQL

Greg Mullane’s complete talk on optimizing postgresql. Looks like a few things have changed since 2003 (7.3 --> 8.2), but this still seems *very* relevant. #

📌 PowerPoint Presentation - Hacking Apache HTTP Server at Yahoo!

“Since 1996, Yahoo has been running Apache HTTP Server on thousands of servers and serving billions of requests a day. This session reveals the secrets of how Yahoo gets maximum performance out of minimal hardware...” #

📌 Power PostgreSQL - PerfList #