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📌 A Whole Lotta Nothing: This is how Social Media really works

Matt Haughey: “maybe instead of getting your company on twitter, paying marketers to mention you are on twitter, and paying people to blog about your company, forget all that and just make awesome stuff that gets people excited about your products” #

📌 Twitter: Don't Click (Explained)

For those who didn’t read the source, here’s the explanation of how this morning’s Twitter trick worked. The general exploit is called “clickjacking,” and you’ll be hearing lots more about this problem in 2009. #

📌 tircd - Google Code

“tircd presents twitter as an irc channel. You can connect to tircd with any irc client, and twitter as if you were on irc.” Yeah, OK, it’s silly... but this might be the thing that makes me actually use Twitter. That way when Twitter dies I can just keep on using IRC like always. #

📌 RubyForge: Starling: Project Info

Hells yeah! I heard about this a while back, and have been hoping it would get open-sourced. Fantastic. #

📌 Twitter / ceilingcat