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📌 Time

Some good notes about using and storing time. I’m not sure I agree about storing time as Unix timestamps—what about pre-1970 dates? #

📌 Things UNIX can do atomically — Crowley Code!

Incredibly useful roundup of atomic syscalls (on POSIX, at least). I knew about link and open(O_CREAT | O_EXCL), but not the fcntl and mmap tricks which looks like they’d be really useful. #

📌 shunit2 - Project Hosting on Google Code

xUnit test framework for Base scripts. Wish I’d never found this -- now I no longer have an excuse for not testing shell scripts. #

📌 Sysadmin horror stories

Some really awesome stuff in here. #

📌 XMLStarlet Command Line XML Toolkit: Overview

Tools for dealing with XML from the command line. Works especially well as part of a pipeline -- curl + xmlstarlet makes a wonderful REST web service consumer. #

📌 Waka Waka Bang Splat! The World's First Internet Special-Characters Poem

Classic. #

📌 ack -- a grep replacement that ignores .svn/CVS/blib directories, understands file types, uses Perl regexes, and much more

Whoa, this is *so* much better than grep it’s not even funny. #