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πŸ“Œ C4[1] Morel: Virtualization Vivisection

A great talk by Shawn Morel of VMWare about the tech behind VMWare Fusion. Good stuff. #

πŸ“Œ Welcome To Popcorn Hour

Whoa, this might be exactly the media streamer I’m looking for. Supports h264, xvid, and even those freeking mkv containers. Only $179, but it looks like actually getting ahold of one is more difficult. #

πŸ“Œ Webcast | Journalism 3G

The symposium I’m attending (and speaking at) in Atlanta is going to be webcast (live, I think). It’s a pretty sweet lineup of speakers, so this’ll probably be well worth the time to watch. #

πŸ“Œ Vara Software : ScreenFlow

Really hot-looking screen capture/screencast software. $100, but probably worth it for anyone who does a bunch of screencasts. #

πŸ“Œ MySpaceTV Videos: Be Kind Rewind Movie Trailer - Gondry edition by New Line Cinema

Michel Gondry didn’t like the trailer for β€œBe Kind Rewind,” so he made his own. Which, needless to say, is much better. #

πŸ“Œ TVIX-HD M-6500A with SMP8635 and MKV support Β« LoRe

Want. #

πŸ“Œ YouTube - Principles of economics, translated

Wonderfuly funny, and sadly accurate. #

πŸ“Œ ill doctrine: a hip-hop video blog

My new favorite video blog. A bit like Ze Frank with a focus on music -- awsome. #

πŸ“Œ YouTube - Twin Musical Tesla Coils playing Mario Bros

I have not idea how this is possible, but I love it. #

πŸ“Œ Prince Charles Scandal | The Daily Show | Comedy Central

The new Daily Show website is up, and it’s fan-freeking-tastic. Permalinks to every little clip! This one is perhaps my favorite moment of all: watch Colbert totally lose his shit. #

πŸ“Œ PyMedia - Python module for avi, mp3, dvd, wma, ogg processing - pymedia #
πŸ“Œ YouTube - How not to exit a parking Garage

A shoo-in for this year’s Darwin Award. #

πŸ“Œ YouTube - Ben Folds - Myspace Gig - Bitches Ain't Shit

Too weird. #

πŸ“Œ NESVideos / Front Page #
πŸ“Œ intonation.mov (video/quicktime Object)

Brilliant. #

πŸ“Œ YouTube - Stephen Colbert explains the whole AT&T thing!

Absolutely brilliant. #

πŸ“Œ thingm :: an electronic product studio

Staring the Nokia 770 #

πŸ“Œ GIANT Magazine | The 50 Greatest Commercials of the ’80s #
πŸ“Œ Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, Video Lectures

Video lectures to accompany SCIP. Awesome. #

πŸ“Œ glumbert.com | Sexual Consent #
πŸ“Œ YouTube - Ducky Does Dallas

Fucking brilliant. #

πŸ“Œ ZeFrank Speaks at TED - Google Video

What could I possibly say? #

πŸ“Œ YouTube - How to Write a Fugue

Bach meets Britney. Fucking brilliant #

πŸ“Œ Jon Udell: The Screening Room

β€œA monthly series of screencasts about important software” -- how’d I miss Jon starting this? #

πŸ“Œ OS 10.5 Leopard Spaces + ExposΓ© - Google Video

Holy Spaces, Batman! #

πŸ“Œ django: Web Development for Perfectionists with Deadlines - Google Video

Video of the talk I gave at Google last week. #

πŸ“Œ YouTube - Real Life Simpsons Intro #
πŸ“Œ Bush Warned about Katrina - Google Video #
πŸ“Œ Must See Finale

Amazing juggling to the finale of Abby Road #

πŸ“Œ Django | Snakes and Rubies downloads

Video and audio from the Snakes and Rubies event #