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📌 Kore4 and Python

There’s a bunch of interesting stuff here—async, automatic ssl—but the seccomp stuff is _really_ fascinating. I wonder how hard it’d be to do this with Django? #

📌 Python Package Index : django-secure 0.1.0

Some bits and bobs to make a Django site more secure. #

📌 Adding Compass to your project: Brandon Craig Rhodes

*Really* fantastic writeup of how to integrate Compass into a Python (virtualenv-based) project. This workflow stuff has been the missing link for me, so I think this’ll be the kick in the pants I need to add Compass to my kit. #

📌 logging.statistics

This is a good idea. #

📌 isolani - Javascript: Breaking the Web with hash-bangs #
📌 The League of Moveable Type

Really great free-as-in-speech fonts. #

📌 CSS3 Please! The Cross-Browser CSS3 Rule Generator

Nifty. #

📌 Message™

A CMS-oriented datastore, open sourced today at DevChatt. Interesting, and worth a closer look, I think. #

📌 Best practices in web development with Python and Django « News Apps Blog #
📌 WebROaR: Comparison of Rails Deployment Stacks

This is a good analysis of different Rails stacks, but it’s an even better case study in how to prepare and present meaningful benchmarks. #

📌 Bulletproof @font-face syntax « Paul Irish #
📌 Cloudvox - API-driven phone calls

Wow. Looks amazing. #

📌 Raphaël—JavaScript Library

Awesome-looking JavaScript vector library, rendering to SVG/VML. FF 3+, Safari 3+, IE 6+. Make sure to play with the demos; they rock. #

📌 Deciphering Glyph: Oh <what> a.tangled {web, we} WEAVE FROM

Anyone who liked my “Snakes on the Web” should read Glyph’s follow-up. I agree completely: web development *does* lack conceptual integrity, and, in a nutshell, that’s what makes it hard. #

📌 Common HTTP Implementation Problems #
📌 Django-SocialAuth - Login via twitter, facebook, openid, yahoo, google using a single app. — The Uswaretech Blog - Django Web Development

Looks slick. Gotta give this a try. #

📌 SVG images as CSS backgrounds - Helephant.com

I didn’t know you could do this—awesome. #

📌 WebserviceApi - moddims - mod_dims API and configuration documentation. - Project Hosting on Google Code

Apache module to dynamically resize images with ImageMagic. I wrote a similar tool once as a lighttpd 404 handler, which was a hack; this is the tool I wish I’d had then. #

📌 Python Projects in Users’ Home Directories with wsgi | Code Spatter

Nice technique for lightweight WSGI apps without needing to touch your Apache conf after the initial setup. I’d like to do something like this for my personal site so that it’s easier to deploy quick & dirty apps. #

📌 jQuery Plugin: Tokenizing Autocomplete Text Entry

Very nice looking, and looks super easy to integrate. #

📌 Elliott Kember dot Com

“’What’ ain’t no rendering engine I ever heard of! They support CSS3 in ’What’?!” #

📌 Why “variables” in CSS are harmful

Y’know, I’ve basically given up on getting anything useful out of the W3C. HTML4 was awesome; thanks guys. Now fuck off and let us do our jobs. #

📌 Unicode In 5 Minutes - Second Life Wiki #
📌 Farmdev: What Makes Pylons Stand Out As a Web Framework

A really good summary of what’s good about Pylons. I’m glad to see that the recent 0.9.7 release adds “documentation” to the list; all too often, poor or missing documentation cripples an otherwise good chunk of code. #

📌 Twitter: Don't Click (Explained)

For those who didn’t read the source, here’s the explanation of how this morning’s Twitter trick worked. The general exploit is called “clickjacking,” and you’ll be hearing lots more about this problem in 2009. #

📌 Infrastructure for Modern Web Sites « random($foo)

Great list of all the other crap you have to think about once you’ve written your application. #

📌 Jcrop: the jQuery Image Cropping Plugin

Very nice looking image cropping widget build on jQuery. #

📌 CSS Variables Are The Future | Continuing Intermittent Incoherency

Alex actually looks carefully at the arguments against CSS variables and utterly destroys them. Am I the only one completely astounded that the main skeptics of browser advancement are now inside the W3C? #

📌 RightScale Dashboard Demo

Amazing-looking dashboard/GUI for AWS/EC2. I gotta give this a try. #

📌 AJAX Libraries API - Google Code

Load popular JavaScript libraries off Google’s servers—this’ll make caching and speed issues irrelevant. Still, I’m not sure exactly how I feel about ’google.load(“jquery”)’ -- seems brittle. #